Saturday, December 11, 2010


This posting is a bit of a rant (one of the purposes of blogs, right?)

Some people regard clergy as RSPs- Religious Service Providers. They call on pastors when there's a need for a wedding, baptism, or some crisis. I get the impression any pastor will do...then when they get what they need, it's "So long."

I went to the nearby Air Force Base to get a new will done. I asked to see a JAG officer, and it didn't matter which one. But the difference between a pastor and a JAG is that pastors truly hope to shepherd people, to have a personal relationship with them (apologies to those who have a friendship with their lawyers).

I had a woman come see for a baptism. I'd baptized her first child five years before, and hadn't seen her since. I asked her, "If you have no more children, will I never see you again?"

People are missing out on so much by regarding the church as just a place that provides religious services when needed. Every Sunday we're providing for the spiritual needs of people, and coming by for some "procedure" is hardly what the life of faith is about. The church offers worship, instruction, fellowship, and opportunities for service, and the pastor is more than merely a "Religious Service Provider."


Anonymous said...

In my relationship with God, I see God hovering above my human faillibilty, oversight and transparency. Being a cypher for God would be an extreme privledge for an inexperienced Christian like me, yet being "used" by another human being often fills me with resentment and frustration.
As an accomplished theologian would you please pass on some advice as to how you overcome your humanity and re-examine your role here on Earth.

foxhole faith-forever

Pastor Bob Leroe said...

I think my blogpost shows my humanity in all its weakness. Perhaps I should overcome such things, but I'm in the flesh. Romans 7 says it all. As for my "role", it is a matter (I think) of discovering one's gifts and a willingness to use them somehow for God's greater glory, being available.

Anonymous said...

vs. 15 is especially ment for me