Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lent--don't just give up something, DO something!

-Display a picture of the death of Christ in your home or office space.
-Make a list of ten people you’ll pray for daily during Lent.
-Memorize Bible verses about Jesus’ sacrifice, recite them when saying family grace.
-Make a table-top Easter Egg tree (the egg is a symbol of new life) with Christian symbols.
-Display a palm cross in your home or on your front door, and/or a banner proclaiming the victory of Christ.
-Observe a family Passover Seder or foot-washing in your home; include singing.
-Construct a crown of thorns for display and contemplation.
-Pin sequins on a thick candle; on one side, a cross, on the other, spell out JOY.
-Make (or buy) hot cross buns
-Play a recording of Handel’s Messiah or attend a sacred music concert.
-Read a devotional book; give one to a friend.
-Participate in a small group Bible study; carry your Bible with you.
-Give up something pleasurable during Lent to show repentance for your sins. This is not to gain favor with God but to show we’re under His Lordship and we identify with our Savior’s sufferings.
-Wear religious jewelry as an expression of your faith.
-Visit an art gallery, taking special note of its sacred art.
-Set aside a day for prayer and fasting.