Monday, August 4, 2008

Quiet contemplation

In solitude we wait in the presence of God, away from cares and distractions, which is the heart of prayer, generating our conversations with God. In the quiet, consider the following:

· Think about what you need to hear from God…
· What do you lack/want from your spiritual life?
· How can you surrender to God?
· Is there some thing you’re holding back in your walk with God?
· Is there someone you need to reach out to?
· Are you in danger of spiritual indifference or apathy?
· Can you think of someone you need to forgive?
· Think about how the sacrifice of Christ touches your life.
· How do you deny yourself, take up the cross, and follow Christ?
· How can you increase your faith/trust?
· Consider with whom you might share your faith.
· What about God brings you comfort?
· What is your calling in life?
· What are you thankful for?
· How can you be a source of blessing to others?
· Is there anything about the Christian life that makes you uneasy?
· What is your greatest joy?
· What do you fear?
· What does God want you to do today?