Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas fantasy and reality

I wonder if Santa is the expression of wishful thinking, the desire for magic over faith amid difficulty, that we've invented out of hope that Christmas will be carefree? We hope "this Christmas things will be better," or as the sad song goes, "all our troubles will be out of sight." That's usually unrealistic. Life goes on, regardless of the season. Yesterday I visited a family grieving over the death of their son, something parents should never have to go through, and days before Christmas. All I can say is that Jesus came to die, to defeat death by His own, and for us. If there's no cross in the manger, we miss the point of it all. His death is what gives us hope, what really brings "joy to the world". And He is with us always, even when we walk the dark valley. We face tomorrow, not with wishful thinking or unrealistic hopes, but with confidence girded by faith that God somehow works all things together for our good and His glory.

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Anonymous said...

As Americans we are blessed in many ways. Also in the where and when that we live we have access to sooo many tools in order to cope with life, an abundant amount of which are insignificant rather than substantial.
As Christians, we have been given the tangible and unsurpassed gift of Jesus...I have yet to find (and I've tried many others) a better way to contend with the ups and downs of life.
Christmas is the day I celebrate the arrival of that astonishing gift bequeathed to me by the Grace of God.

foxhole faith-forever