Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is freedom overrated?

People who argue for more freedom may in fact want license to live without moral restraint, and to justify their behavior, often based on the rejection of absolutes (even God). In his book Generous Justice, Tim Keller raises the objection of people who wish to participate in vices privately, arguing "What I do in private doesn't harm anyone." Yet Keller observes that "What you do in private shapes the kind of person you become...since you interact with the community, what you do in private does affect others." I suspect freedom can only work when society has a firm moral basis.

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Anonymous said...

The ancient Persians had two gods, the god of light and the god of darkness. God told Isaiah that there is no god of light because "I created the light" and God created the darkness as well, even before the light. "I am the only God and I am your God" said the Creator of all things.
When I wonder what God is thinking after seeing the devastation of earthquakes, floods, extreme weather, ect. alnog with war, greed and the brutal treatment of one human toward another. I have to remember that there is no comparison of my limited capacity to comprehend and the unlimited wisdom of God.
The darkness that I have the freedom to choose is God given and not a license that is granted by the where or when that I live.
How I respond to the perils of life or to my own personal behavioris a moral choice that God wants me to choose.
It would certainly be much easier if God made my choices for me, but He didn't! What was God thinking when He gave me the responibility of so much freedom...God only knows.

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