Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Are you surprised?

From D.A. Carson's book, How Long, O Lord? -reflections on suffering & evil:

"Christians undergoing pain and suffering will be well served by contemplating the Bible's story line and meditating on the price of sin. We live in an age where everyone is concerned about their 'rights'. But there is a profound sense in which our 'rights' before God have been sacrificed by our sin...if we see suffering as the result of living in a fallen world, the consequence of evil in which we ourselves all too frequently indulge, then however much we may grieve when we suffer, we will not be taken by surprise" (pp. 44-45).

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Anonymous said...

The Hebrew Bible uses the word "evil" rather than the New Testament replacement "sin"...evil loosely interpreted means "to disappoint"
I am often facinated with the Christian love affair with "suffering," usually associated with physical (pain or illness) or material (not enough money or stuff).
While praying for forgiveness for my transgressions, which I am aware "disappoints" I often find my most intense suffering is when I come to the realization of my meager efforts to prevent those "disappointments."

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