Monday, July 5, 2010

What defines us?

As I talk with people, I often wonder what defines them…
-Their politics?
-Their health?
-Their jobs?
-Their relationships?
-Their interests and hobbies?
-Their faith?

And the answer is, to some degree, all of these. But which has prominence in their lives? Perhaps what they talk about the most. When I visit a shut-in, and all I hear are health concerns, and none of the other “defining” matters, I pretty-much know what has priority. Poor health can certainly seize our attention, but should it define us? I knew of a cancer patient who didn’t want to do a cancer walk because she was tired of being defined as a cancer patient…and that made perfect sense to me.

I would hope that our position as followers of Christ would get some priority. But if we never talk about our faith, perhaps it is a minor matter. May God get our attention so that we might give Christ preeminence.


Anonymous said...

I always believed it was my attitude that defined me, so I tried my best to maintain a positive attitude... at least outwardly , that is. However, it often seemed to be a losing battle when my inner self took control of my best efforts. Today, with the help of God's unrelenting Grace and the direction of His Holy Spirit I define myself with gratitude!

Anonymous said...

when I speak of gratitude I want to be clear that I am grateful for many things, I'm grateful for the air I breathe, the ground I walk on, I'm grateful for my wife, grateful for my life, but most of all thanks be to God the Creator Almighty, who through His benevolent graciousness, used the incredible power of His Holy Spirit to open my heart and my mind to the teachings of His Son, my Saviour, Jesus, the One the Only Christ.

Anonymous said...

I keep coming back to this post as it produces so much thought in a mind like mine that struggles to communicate with my Creator.
At my Thurs. morn. Bible class, contemplating the amazing book of Exodus, I couldn't help but realize that God didn't build into us automatic instincts to give. Instead He built automatic instincts to take and I personally find that to be a daily challenge.
Certainly one antidote is to express gratitude...yet thanking does require activity. While my words may be the most basic method, certainly actions are better.
I am grateful for all the people, places and things God has put in my path in order to help me break the bondage of self, and I want express my gratitude by "giving back" with my time in caring for others and sharing my experiences as a witness to His power.
Like the Israelites in Exodus I am certainly on the recieving end of my relationship with God and I feel confident that through prayer and acknowledgement God will convert me from a "taker" to a "giver"