Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another Sunday walk

I was asked this morning to support an organization holding a walk on a Sunday morning, which seems the time period for most walks these days, regardless of the cause. Why not Saturday or Sunday afternoon? Why are all these walks held during morning worship? Perhaps because the public deems Sunday morning a prime time to hold an event since nothing important is going on during that time--in their opinion. I do not support these events, no matter how worthy the cause. I respect the Lord's Day and it is not asking too much to expect organizations to hold their fundraisers (or awareness raisers) at some other time.

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Anonymous said...

The best comment I ever heard in support of attending church services...

"The holiest moment of a church service is the moment when God's people-strengthened by preaching and sacrament-go out of the church door to be the church. We Christians don't just go to church; we are the church!" - Ernest Southcott