Monday, May 28, 2012

Ready for Heaven?

There's been a lot of buzz about evangelical writers who question whether there is a Hell, and I understand that it is an unpleasant prospect...but what I find really discouraging is the number of Christians who act like there's no Heaven. What we agree on is that Heaven is where we will be with God, worship, and serve Him, yet how many people are interested enough to get ready for this existence? If going to church is such a burden, they're going to hate Heaven. They can talk all they want about "getting out of the habit", but it's really a matter of priorities--they prefer doing other stuff, instead of benefitting from worship, instruction, fellowship, and service, which is what the church offers. If going to church is as unpleasant as a visit to the dentist, people should rethink whether they've truly given their hearts to the Lord. Pastors do all they can to make worship a pleasant and encouraging experience, and to ground their congregations in truth, which is a response to the lies we hear in our secular culture. Let's be grateful for one of the few places where we'll find acceptance and opportunities for spiritual growth, and preparation for our eternal Home.

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