Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Civil Religion

Bob Dylan sings, "We live in a political world," and it's getting more and more polarizing. What troubles me is the zealous interest in politics that divides people. Differences can lead popl to demonize the opposition in a culture that thrives on conflict. But I find that with some people, political interest is replacing religious faith. "In politics we trust" seems to be crowding out reliance on God. Politics is a false religion, rooted in a fallen world. While we ought to understand the issues and be good, voting citizens, we cannot hope to find answers to life in our political views. We worship the Messiah--no substitutes need apply. No candidate, no party, no system of government, no idelogy can bring us salvation. The only perfect government will be realized when Christ returns and "the government will be upon His shoulders" in His Kingdom-reign. Our true citizenship is in Heaven. Let's put our political views into perspective.

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