Saturday, August 20, 2011

Belief in Science

A presidential candidate last week was asked by a child (who was being coached by his mother; more about that shortly), "How old is the earth?" -which the candidate recognized as a way of obtaining his view of the creation/evolution debate. He stated that both views were being taught in his home state out of fairness. You can hear on the video the mother then saying, "Ask him why he doesn't believe in science."

Wow. So if you believe a higher power had anything to do with the existence of this planet, you have rejected science outright. I guess that makes you an idiot. I'd like to ask this woman, "Tell me why you don't believe in God. And why you're sure this world is the result of a cosmic accident." The Bible states that God created the world; it doesn't say how, just Who, and why. Intelligent design merely states that life can be best explained by the intervention of a designer. And scientists like Michael Behe (author of Darwin's Black Box) do a good job of defending ID--which is not religion--but simply a statement that the complexity of life indicates a power purposely behind it all. To say that theists don't believe in science is an offensive, unfair, prejudicial accusation.

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