Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Innocent" and "unjust"

I was reading an interview with a Moslem who was attempting to state the case that Islam is a religion of peace. Regarding so-called "extremists", she claimed that "we reject killing innocent people", then went on to quote the Qur'an, "If you kill one person unjustly it is as if you have killed the whole of humanity unjustly."

The problem with this is that Moslem leaders claimed that no "innocent" people died on 9/11, and that they died "justly". This is the problem we have with Islam claiming to be a religion of peace.

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Anonymous said...

I am beginning to wonder if Islam is now the "religion of politics"
The recent flap over the freedom of religion argument has me speculating as to whether the primary purpose of the "ground zero mosque's" location is for the worship of God as they understand Him or if it is to make a political statement.
locating a Baptist church next to a public building primarily because of the purge of Christian displays in schools as they did in Oklahoma, or the opulance of a Catholic cathedral across from the state capital building in St. Paul to oppose public support for the Lutherans in the early 1900's are other examples of how some of us allow our religios partisonship to guide us away from our religions desired mission.
While I am in no position to judge another persons intention, it seems to me that the primary purpose to the building of a "house of worship" regardless of religion, should be just that...reverent adulation of the God of our understanding!