Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vampire mania

Here's an excerpt from Penguins & Golden Calves by Madeline L'Engle:

Many bestselling books today offer despair to a world crying out for hope...Why are vampires so hugely popular in books today? Do they offer to their readers a promise of immortality that seems more real to them that that affirmed by a church which stumbles over the Resurrection? Are vampires taking up where their church leaves off? Satan quickly moves into such openings. I asked one vampire fan, "Is that really the kind of immortality you want? Do you want to live at the expense of some else's life, someone you have to kill?"
"Well, but not all vampires do that."
"Yes, they do. There's no other way for a vampire to go on living but to drink a living person's blood."
Jesus did not drink other people's blood. He gave us His own--a very different thing. Would vampires be so popular if we remembered that?

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