Thursday, February 11, 2010


I know of a minister who pretty much "beats up" his congregation every Sunday, confronting them with their sinful short-comings, exhorting them to strive for an unattainable level of personal holiness, then sending them on their way home feeling miserable. A lot of people come into church already feeling defeated--they sure don't need to depart feeling worse. I've always believed that a major purpose of preaching is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. I speak as a wounded healer to wounded people every Sunday. I minister out of my own pain, and hold out hope to hurting people. That doesn't mean pastors shouldn't challenge their congregations, but exhortation needs to come within the context of exegetical preaching. Let the Holy Spirit, through the Scriptures, do the convicting.

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David R. Nelson said...

I've read the last few of your posts. They really hit the point. Glad to read some of your thoughts. At our age, we may actually some rather mature approaches worth hearing. This, of course, is through the wisdom of Jesus Christ! Thanks, Bob.