Friday, September 25, 2009

A prayer of dedication

Almighty God,
As I cross the threshold of this day
I commit myself--body, soul, affairs, friends--to Thy care;
Watch over, keep, guide, direct, sanctify, bless me.
Incline my heart to Thy ways.
May I engage in nothing in which I cannot implore Thy blessing,
and in which I cannot invite Thy inspection.
Let those around see me living by Thy Spirit...
-trampling the world underfoot,
-unconformed to lying vanities,
-transformed by a renewed mind,
-clad in the entire armor of God,
-shining as a never-dimmed light,
-showing holiness in all my doings.
May I speak each word as if my last word,
and walk each step as my final one.
If my life should end today, let this be my best day.

~from The Valley of Vision

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