Monday, February 16, 2009

Didn't you ask?

At a local coffee shop one of the regulars mentioned that he knew John Updike; he used to see him regularly at his home here in the North Shore. I was impressed, and asked if he'd discussed Updike's books. "No, I never did, and I never read any of his books." Now I suppose this was good for Updike, to have an acquaintence who wasn't wanting to know about his literary style, yet I admit it would have been fascinating to spend time with him. This got me to thinking about prayer. We have access to God, yet we don't take advantage of this privilege like we should. We could at least spend time in God's presence, but normally we mostly pray when we want something. I'm convinced that even among devoted believers prayer is easier for some than others. There's lots of ways to pray, and some work better for some than others. I prefer to write my prayers, which helps me to better focus and concentrate and say what I really mean. This works, but I ought to do it more, be more consistent--especially when I simply want to spend time with my Lord.

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