Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Affection for God

We love God...or at least we try to. CS Lewis noted, "God's love for us is a much safer subject to think about than our love for Him." If we're honest with ourselves, we'll have to admit we usually love a lot of other stuff more than God. We may be faithful to church, but do we have a passion for God?

Jonathan Edwards pointed out: "As there is no true religion where there is nothing else but affection, so there is no true religion where there is no religious affection." It's possible to have zeal yet lack true faith that transforms one's outlook and lifestyle.

Are we inclined toward God? Do we delight in God's glory and majesty? The affection we have for God now is a foretaste of our heavenly happiness.


Tim said...


Great post!

Thanks for getting back me, Bob. I enjoyed your fellowship during that time. Those were the early days at Evangelical Pres (later named Faith Pres) and you guys were a great blessing to keep us encouraged and going.

Lord willing, I will be in Concord this summer visiting a supporting church. If I get there I'll let you know and we can grab a bite to eat and/or a cup of coffee. Please tell Laura hello for me.

Are Jon and Marti Maas on Facebook? I'd like to say hello to them


David R. Nelson said...

Bob: Wonderful blog! And I truly love your latest one. Seems we read that same men. Let's keep in touch.