Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A door locked on the inside

Who is Jesus? Our Savior; He is not our Judge. Why did He come here? Not to condemn, but to bear our condemnation. The reason Jesus didn’t come to judge is simple: we stand already judged…due to our sinful nature, we are broken people in need of forgiveness. We are born in sin. Adam’s sin is passed on to all his descendents. But pardon is readily available; all we need do is look to Jesus and receive it. Pardon is a gift that is often refused. Some choose to remain in darkness. They either deny sin, deny their sinful condition, or claim they only want their “just deserts.” Not me--I know what I deserve, and I want mercy! It is frightening to think that people will turn their back on salvation. People judge themselves. C.S. Lewis said that Hell has a door locked on the inside.

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