Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I'm reading a biography of evangelist Dwight L. Moody in which he is quoted as saying that he doesn't take credit for his successes nor responsibility for his failures. He is not referring to sin in speaking of failings, but things he has attempted to do for God. It seems that the popular Christian attitude is to give God credit for all the good we've done, and to blame ourselves when things don't work out. Maybe we should treat our failures as God's way of saying that everything doesn't always work the way we'd like. We need to stop the blame game and stop feeling guilty. This doesn't mean we stop trying, or become apathetic, but it does mean we stop the self-flagellation. We trust our sovereign God for what we can't understand.

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Conversations with the Holy Spirit said...

I really hope to not just believe in the Sovereignty of God, but to feel it in every day life. He truly is the cause of all prosperity and poverty, and I shouldn't look at my life as a sign of blessings and curses as much as a plan for my holiness --however He wishes to accomplish that. It's so hard to just walk with God, worshipping Him, rather than 'walk' with Creation, and idolize that.