Thursday, March 1, 2012

Not surprised

A well known scientist has written about how he's convinced there is no God, which hardly comes as a shock, as the scientific community tends to deny what can't be seen. It has come out that this same scientist has been repeatedly seen at a strip club. My point is not to demonize the guy, but to simply point out the logic of his position. If there is no God, then there's no accountability, and one is free to act any way one pleases. Live for self-gratification, after all, there's no final judgment. This is the ugly truth of atheism. While there are moral atheists, I suspect that living by society's rules is simply their personal preference. But if they decided to be anarchists, they would be living the logical outcome of a worldview that excludes God. This is, I suspect, the nasty reason why a non-God position is so popular to some skeptics. The alternative position is the biblical worldview that says God exists, and it matters how we live. Not that perfect compliance will save us; we're saved by grace, in spite of our faults, a gift given to those who are willing to receive it, who admit there is something Higher than themselves.

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