Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa in School

I was surprised when Saugus made national news yesterday because our Superintendent of Schools banned Santa Claus from the classroom. Yet if Christmas is to be removed from the public sector, Saint Nicholas is a logical extension of the ban. The only reason the ACLU hasn't opposed him is the public outcry. I feel sorry for Mr Langlois and for any who feel caught in the need to avoid offense by eliminating something most people cherish. While "Santa" may have devolved into myth, the real saint was a devoted follower of Christ. Let him back into school, and also the Reason for the Season, at least in the name of diversity and inclusion. By the way, most people aren't offended by Christmas. I had lunch the other day with group of Jewish friends, and when the waitress wished us a "Merry Christmas" they smiled, said "Thank you", and wished her one as well--no offense taken. Now that's the holiday spirit!

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Anonymous said...

I don't think Langolis felt "trapped' by some PC feelings other may have. This ban of Santa he tried to impose came directly from him. He did not consult the School Board and it is important to note Santa has been visiting the Saugus Schools for close to 50 years and that includes EVERY YEAR Langolis has been the Super in Saugus. Begs the question... WHY NOW?

Personally I think Langolis was trying to give Saugus his own version of a Christmas gift since he is leaving come June. His logic escapes me but thankfully the citizens of Saugus have raised their voices at let it be know that Santa BELONGS in our Schools at Christmas time.

See ya at Panera.