Sunday, May 22, 2011

The End of the World

Well, the world didn’t end last night, though I suppose it did for Harold Camping; but disappointment is nothing new to him, for he predicted that 1998 would see the Second Coming. Camping is a civil engineer and the founder of Family Radio, a nation-wide network of religious programs. He is not a biblical scholar, and his view of the Apocalypse is not shared by most Christians. He is not a cult leader, but someone who views the Bible from an engineer’s perspective, which caused him to mathematically work out his end-time scenario. What Scripture does teach is that Jesus will return some day, that His return is imminent…though to say it is soon or to set dates is very presumptuous. There are several popular views of the end times, and we should not use what others believe about this as a litmus test of their faithfulness to Scripture. Jesus could return today, but that is knowledge above our understanding. We should keep this in mind while scoffers make fun of Christians over this non-event. When someone asks your opinion, share what Scripture does say about the blessed hope of the end-times, when every wrong will be made right, and every knee will bow and every tongue confess Christ as Lord.


Suzanne Wade said...

Every time someone asked me if I were worried, I responded, "Why should I be? This is what we've been waiting for!" And then went on to express my doubts that it would actually happen, since Jesus had said, "About that day and hour, no one knows." I feel sorry for all those who invested their energy in this, but also feel it's a great teaching moment, and a chance to tell people that Christianity isn't just about the "some day" but about how we live right now! "I have come that they might have life, and have it abundantly," says our Lord.

Anonymous said...

Hey, That's nice.
Media led us to believe he was predicting the Rapture.... Being raised in a very Spiritual, Biblical Sound home, i know that "NO ONE shall know the day nor the hour, not even Christ himself"

Thank you for this insightful blog, I will check in again for more