Thursday, April 28, 2011

my father

After suffering a subdural hematoma, my dad peacefully departed this world. He was 92. He spent his last few days in a hospice that looked more like a retreat center. He regained consciousness (after a week asleep) briefly and I was able to talk to him, play my guitar, and pray with him. It was as good an exit as one could hope for, and I thank God for having the past four months with him. The past few years I lived in dread of getting a phone call from New Jersey telling me he died; being with him, having him live with us has been a blessing, so I'm more grateful than grieving. I'm so pleased my church congregation got to know him, and after services I'd see people sitting with him talking. It's all been good. I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the paperwork and I'm hoping to go kayaking soon on the Annisquam (see photo above). Thanks to all who've expressed their prayerful concern.

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Anonymous said...

God is good and worked it out in His perfect way as only He could do. This makes me glad. He knew your heart's worries and knows the challenges you will face. Our prayers are with you as you deal with each new day. May you feel God's loving embrace.