Monday, March 28, 2011


It was pretty exciting for me yesterday in church. My father (92), who moved in with us a month ago, came to church...he asked to come. He'd been living in New Jersey and his doctor told him he couldn't live alone any more. We are now caregivers, and it is going better than expected. Yesterday for the first time ever he saw me conduct worship, and heard me sing and preach. I will admit to some nervousness, but twelve years at a church does make one confident, and the service went by nearly flawlessly (we had a problem with one of the candles, that's it). Everyone fussed over dad and it was a great day. I showed him my office with all my Army memorabilia, to include a photo of him in uniform. Afterwards, he told me "the people at the church really like you," which is a nice affirmation. Praise the Lord for something I never thought I'd ever see.


Donna Lynn said...

That is a nice story..I'm happy for you...AND it was a great sermon. I have finally bookmarked your blog.

Kurtgrace said...

Praise the Lord indeed. We rejoice with you Pastor Bob.