Friday, November 12, 2010

A veteran's prayer for Veterans Day

Author of Liberty, as veterans we appreciate the acknowledgement of our grateful nation. It’s wonderful to be recognized for our service, but we’re simply glad to have had the privilege of serving. Not everyone who wanted to serve had the opportunity, yet their prayerful support sustained us in difficult times. We thank You, Lord of hosts, for opening the door so that we could give back to our country. Some of us didn’t have a choice, while others served in the all-volunteer military. Either way, we look back with fond (and a few not so fond) memories of experiences that helped define who we are today. And we can hardly take all the credit, for Your hand was upon us, strengthening us for the task. You made us fit for battle and helped us bring peace to a troubled world. Equip us all to be instruments of Your peace. All glory to You, O Lord, Amen.

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Anonymous said...

And let us all pray for the day when children are no longer taken from their parents and parents taken from their children as a result of war!