Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chaplain (CPT) Dale Goetz

Chaplain (CPT) Dale Goetz was killed in action in Afghanistan Monday. He was assigned to the 1-66 Armor Bn, 4th ID. This is the first Chaplain combat death since 1970.

We who serve or have served in harm's way know full well the risks of military service, but none of us like to dwell on this; our lives are in God's hands. Our intention is to carry out our mission and return home.

The Apostle Paul never served in the military, but as a tentmaker he compared death to the striking of a tent, folding it up, and moving on to our permanent home. Soldiers spend a lot of time in tents, looking foward to homecoming...but for some, their lives are cut short by the nature of war. Ch (CPT) Goetz served within a chain-of-command, but his ultimate Commander was the Lord Jesus Christ, Who has promoted him and welcomed him to his true home.

Let's remember Dale's wife and three children, and pray that they will find peace in the midst of their pain.


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Anonymous said...

I urge all who are shielded from the rigors of military service and the incredible secrifices that ensue...please go on line and google the story of "the four chaplains"
These men certainly not only served a chain of command, but also thier "ultimate commander"
I will pray for chaplain Goetz and his family, knowing that God has a special place for those who give thier life for the benefit of another.