Monday, August 31, 2009

What is your name?

Near the end of Jacob's wrestling match with the Angel of the Lord (Genesis 32), the Heavenly Wrestler asks, “What is your name?” The last time he'd been asked that, Jacob lied, claiming to be his brother Esau. Jacob's name can be translated "deceiver." This time, Jacob tells the truth. Until we answer, “My name is bitterness, greed, unfaithfulness” we can’t be healed. “My name is indulgence, depression, unforgiveness.” When we’re ready to come clean, God will make us clean. Until then we’ll remain just the way we are, untouched. God may be wrestling with us to rid us of our self-reliance. God may be saying to us, “You are manipulating your life, making your own arrangements; My child, what is your name?”

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