Friday, July 10, 2009

Blended Worship

In between traditional and contemporary worship is "blended" worship, a blend of formal and informal elements. This is similar to the "General Protestant" worship I conducted as an Army Chaplain, trying to cover all the bases of diverse military congregations. I sometimes refer to this as semi-formal worship, in that there are elements of liturgy but also informality (and the liturgy is written in modern language). The old hymns are sung, accompanied by our pipe organ, along with modern praise choruses, done accoustically (unplugged). This seems to best meet the needs of people, respecting the styles of old and new. Some churches hold two separate services--one traditional, the other contemporary. I suppose that's not a bad idea, but I like bringing what I think are the best elements of both styles together. The intent is to be all things to all people, and to make worship meaningful, while recognizing that our "audience" is God. He is worthy of our praise, and our goal is not to entertain but to honor our thrice-holy Lord.

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