Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Prayer to the Son

Jesus, divine Son of God and Son of man,
You are more wonderful than we will ever be able to say.
We cannot "do You justice";
Hymns, prayers, sermons, and theology can at best bow in wonder.
We love You and confess You as Lord.
You are the son of all sons,
The ultimate embodiment of unfallen humankind.
You carry the image and essence of the invisible God.
You radiate glory as the exact, full representation of God.
We desire to know You as our friend, our brother, and yet our Lord.
We are in relation to You because You have initiated this connection.
We are Yours, not due to our grasp of divine knowledge;
Not because of any superior righteousness.
We have nothing to boast of, except Your grace,
Giving us what we don't deserve;
And Your mercy,
Not giving us what we do deserve.
You chose us while yet estranged sinners in dire need.
You are our Bridge to life.
Cause us to ever celebrate Your person and work,
And to live as Your devoted followers always.

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